What Is SEO and How Can SEO Help Homebuilders?
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What Is SEO and How Can SEO Help Homebuilders?

July 15th, 2020

How Homebuilders Benefit From Search Engine Optimization

Marketing is essential to a healthy and profitable homebuilder business. You need to get your company’s name out in front as many homebuyers while displaying what sets you apart from your competition. Implementing SEO in your digital marketing efforts will help homebuyers find your contracting services while keeping your brand fresh in your customers’ minds.

Many home builders are familiar with social media. This is one of the most popular ways for home contractors to spread the word about their custom home building services. But how do you adjust to the current times and get the most from your marketing budget?

You get the most of a marketing budget by making the internet work for you.

Home builders making use of SEO will have a better chance in competing in today’s market of homebuilders. But what is SEO? And what does it do for home builders?

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. There are various methods of making use of SEO but the goal remains the same: Improve your chances of getting on search result pages when someone searches for your business and/or industry.

This is done through targeting specific keywords that relate to your business within content writing for home builders. Home builders can target keywords that relate to their geographic location, the services they provide, or a mixture of the two. The goal is to appear at or near the top of the search results when someone searches for your services in your location.

As we said, there are a variety of tactics to achieve SEO. Broadly speaking, providing quality content relating to your keywords and a strategic incorporation of them will help your pages rank higher on search results pages.

Ranking higher in search results provide a wider range of benefits for Homebuilders.


5 Ways Search Engine Optimization Can Help Homebuilders’ Grow Their Business

  1. SEO Expands Your Reach Among Homebuyers
  2. Reaching Customers Early In The Buyer’s Journey
  3. Establish Authority with Homebuyers By Creating Optimized Content
  4. SEO Content Plays Into Customer Habits of Researching
  5. Optimized Content Allows You To Answer a Variety of Questions

SEO Expands Your Reach Among Homebuyers

Your current reach on the internet is most likely restricted to your social media followers and existing customers. People can occasionally stumble upon companies by doing local searches, but even these searches are competitive. Making use of SEO will help home builders grow the amount of visitors to their company’s website.

Higher rankings lead to more clicks. And more visits to your website provides the opportunity to create qualified leads. Being strategic about your content can provide long term benefits that bring new customers to your website.

Reaching Customers Early In The Buyer’s Journey With SEO

It won’t help a home builder to make contact with a customer when they’re already a month into working with a competing company. Timing is as important as quality content when it comes to converting visitors to paying customers. SEO helps home builders connect with their clients earlier in the buyer’s journey.

Higher rankings on search results increases your business’ visibility. People in need of a home builder aren’t going to become your customer if they can’t find you. SEO helps shine a light on your goods and services.

Establish Authority With Homebuyers By Creating Optimized Content

Content marketing is a great way to strengthen your SEO rankings. This includes creating content that your customers will find organically. Content such as blogs and ebooks can be optimized for search performance while also providing useful content to your customers.

And even if they aren’t in the market for a home builder at that exact time, they’ll remember you when they are. This useful content positions you as the authority on a topic in your local community. Your company is then positioned as a source of information for customers even when they don’t need your services, and a likely place to get that service once they need it.

SEO Content Plays Into Customer Habits Of Researching

The home building market takes a lot of knowledge to make an informed decision. This could be for renovations, building a new home, or any repairs. Consumers in the construction industry are likely to perform a good amount of research before signing on with a local company.

SEO works perfectly with this likely habit by interested customers. It helps to get your name to the top of the list when they begin their research looking for home builders. The majority of internet users don’t go past the first page of search results. Many don’t even go past the first five individual results. Positioning yourself at the top of these lists is highly advantageous.

Optimized Content Allows You To Answer a Variety of Questions

Making use of content marketing tactics gives you the ability to address every service you offer individually. And this goes beyond simply listing them on a bulleted list. Digging deep into each subject not only makes you an authority on the subject — as we said earlier — it also creates more content that can catch the attention of search engines.

People are going to have a lot of questions as they research the services of home builders. This is your chance to answer these questions and provide an immediate service to these potential customers. And then when they’re ready to pursue their plans, your company’s name is already at the front of their mind.


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