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Proud Daddy & Grandpa Brian Flook Thrilled To See Daughter & Grandson On Huffington Post

“Proud” doesn’t begin to describe our fearless leader as he shared with the Power Marketing team a blog article written by his daughter Alexie that was just picked up by The Huffington Post! We thought we would surprise him—and her—by ...

Homebuilders Need To Mirror People, Not Things

Homebuilders Need To Mirror People, Not Things As a homebuilder you know how convenient and smart it is to present your product visually. This is the tried and true way builders have always marketed their homes, and for good reason. ...

Look Who’s Back! Power Marketing Welcomes Belinda Home!

We found Belinda buried beneath a pile of work! All kidding aside, welcome back, Belinda. Read the official press release below.

Three Keys To Creating A Customer Referral Program That Works

Republished from Infusionsoft blogger Matt Egan, April 4, 2016. There is one question that I ask almost every customer: “Where does the majority of your business come from?” The answer is consistently: “From word of mouth and referrals.” Of course ...

Marketing Blunders Part Ten: Failure To Automate

Welcome back to the last in our ten part series. This week we’re going to discuss marketing automation and how, as a homebuilder, if you’re utilizing this service you’re making a costly mistake.

Marketing Blunders Part Nine: Not Using A Referral Program

Last week we talked about how important testimonials are for social proof. Along with this comes a great opportunity for homebuilders to maximize referrals. You’re not going to want to miss #9 in our ongoing series “Marketing Blunders To Avoid”!

Marketing Blunders Part Seven: Cheap Photography & Video

Hello again, and thanks for stopping in to checkout our ongoing series “The Top Ten Marketing Blunders To Avoid”. We’ve covered a lot ground so far, everything from failure to follow up with your home buying leads, not ensuring your ...

Marketing Blunders Part Five: Not Speaking Your Buyers’ Language

Hello again homebuilders. This week we’re almost at the halfway point of our ongoing series “Marketing Blunders To Avoid”, and I’m glad you checked in for this one! Are you certain you’re speaking the language home buyers understand? Let’s make ...

Fall Back In Love With Your Marketing This Valentine’s Day!

Do you remember what it used to be like? The rush of emotions you felt when you were in his/her presence? The smile that involuntarily formed when the telephone would ring. That warm, fuzzy feeling that magically appeared when you ...

Get More Customers With These Local Marketing Tips

Hey readers! I wanted to share this blog courtesy of our friends from Infusionsoft. Some incredibly valuable points you must consider regarding local search!